Back on track soon…

“Burgs, you haven’t posted many videos lately. What’s up?”

The truth is, I’m just getting over my third bout of bad flu for the year. I’ve had to tour as well and it hasn’t been easy. Obviously I’m worn out. The flu (they call it the ‘B Strain’ or ‘Brisbane Flu’) has ravaged my body and left me feeling totally lifeless and washed out. My ears and nose are still congested causing my aural judgement to be unreliable so I have no choice but to hang out until I’m all clear.

I realise my absence or elusiveness may be in an inconvenience to many builders waiting to have their wares demonstrated by me, and a disappointment to the kind bunch of supporters who follow my videos. I apologise to you all and assure you that nothing would please me more than to be back in 100% health so I can get on with it as there is much to do. 

All things going well, I should be back on track in a week or so and appearing on Youtube soon. Thanks again for your support and patience.


Sayonara, 2014. Come on down, 2015.

There goes another year, eh? I hope it’s been a good one for you. Like most other people I’ll have some great memories and some shockers. World events suggest others have had it pretty tough and I just hope that 2015 brings relief and resolution for them.