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This is a second take and therefore different demo of the DREI to the one which can be found at . This version has the same mic placed dead centre of the Greenback which give a little more brightness. I’m also playing and raving about different stuff.

Featuring a blend-able trio of the major valve food groups – EL84, 6V6, and 6L6 – as well as a GZ34 rectifier tube, the Palmer DREI is a simple but brilliant affair. One input and two linear controls for Normal and Bright as well as a Tone knob plus separate controls for each of the three output valves makes the DREI a very formidable studio tool indeed. Pair it up with your favourite cabinet or better still one of many available Palmer cabinets (I chose a 1×12 housing a Celestion Greenback) and you’re away.

The low wattage (around 15W when all three valves are cranked or about 5W each) make the DREI a valuable studio tool and/or super-versatile club amp. It’s built to withstand the next world war and I dig the German language labels on the front panel. It’s also a no bells and whistles affair being devoid of FX loops and the like. Excellent.

Very nice work indeed, chaps. I don’t think you’ll have trouble creating converts with the DREI as it’s pretty damn hard to fault.

Many thanks to Greg Collins at Sonic Frog, SA, Australia for his invaluable assistance. Australians considering a DREI should visit… for more info on the DREI and other cool stuff.

Recording gear used in this video:

Guitar : 2000 USA Std. Telecaster with Mick Brierley ‘Burgerman’ Signature pickups (see:….)
Amp: Palmer Musical Instruments DREI
Cables : Providence
Mic : Violet Design ‘The Amethyst’ (off centre – amp) Samson Airline77 (me)
Camera : Canon 60D (amp) and Sony HDR CX150 (me)
Soundcard : AVID Mbox Pro 3
Computer : Apple iMac 27″ i7 3.4 GHz 16 GB RAM
Software : Pro Tools 10 LE, Waves CLA Guitars (slight comp and room reverb over input track), Waves L3-16 Limiter (to keep levels in check at output), Apple Final Cut Pro X (video editing and Youtube compression).

Date: 21st Feb, 2013 Guitar: 2000 USA Std. Telecaster with Mick Brierley 'Burgerman' Signature pickups Amp: Palmer Musical Instruments DREI