8 string rambling

Just because I can. Nothing important here, folks.

Guitar: Ibanez RG2228
Effects: Waves GTR (modified “PadOsphere” preset)
Tracking: Pro Tools 10
Limiting: Waves L3-16 (over output master)
Bounced to: 16/48 for video
Camera: Canon 60D with EFS 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM lens
Video editing software: Apple FCPX
Inspiration: 2 x Carlsberg Elephant beers and a need to escape my normal modus operandi for a moment.
Thanks to: You, for supporting me all these years and putting up with my often fluctuating demo quality. There is plenty more to come.

Date: 17th Sep, 2012 Guitar: Ibanez RG2228