Blue Note & Ecstasy: Similar? Different? You decide.

This is a rough and ready comparison video made in a hurry while one of my more refined vids was rendering.

Background: A friend of mine suggested that the Ecstasy and Blue Note might in some ways be very similar. The inquisitive cynic in me immediately wanted to verify this (or otherwise) so I set them up side by side and attempted to make them sound the same. It wasn’t easy and I’m now of the personal view that each pedal is different enough to be individual both in ‘feel’ and sonic capability. In fact, I like them both a lot and feel that they’re different enough to warrant having both on the same board – if two OD’s is what I want.

Obviously I haven’t explored the full capabilities of each pedal in this relatively short 6 minute video but I think you’ll get the general idea.

But I’ll let you decide. So bring on your thoughts, folks.

Date: 26th Oct, 2012