Buffalo FX: B-1 (Treble Booster with Voice Control)


From the French house of Buffalo FX, the same manufacturer that brought us the quite amazing Germanium Fuzz, comes the B-1 Booster.

The B-1’s roots lie unabashedly in the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster and it pulls off that glorious tone with ease. But the B-1 also offers a Voice control that lets you tame some of that classic RM ‘honk’ by winding in some lower mids. This is very handy if you’re using the B-1 with a clean amp and just want to fatten things up a little.

The B-1 is way up there when it comes to quality Treble Boosters. Beginning with the case, conveniently located slide-out battery compartment, top-shelf workmanship inside and out, and, of course, the killer tones available, you’d be hard pressed to beat it. And it looks so cool!


• Heavy duty construction
• Germanium transistor (consult Buffalo FX for different NOS transistor options)
• 100% hand-made
• True bypass
• 24mm potentiometers
• Vishay capacitors in signal path
• Switchcraft enclosed jacks
• External access battery drawer
• Heavy duty internal cabling
• Screened input/ output cabling
• Positive ground circuit
• Battery included

Rock most definitely ON!

Date: 24th Sep, 2012 Guitar: Smitty Custom Guitars "Bluey" Brett Kingman Signature model