Catalinbread: Montavilla Farmers Market

Two great pedals from my friends at Catalinbread. It’s pretty hard to beat a roaring muff into a delay, especially when the concerned muff and delay are a Manx Loaghtan and Montavillian Echo. These two are supreme examples of their genre and paired with a Strat and Fender amp make a formidable combination.

For the record, this video was not solicited by Catalinbread, I made it because I wanted to show off these two cool pedals.

Microphone: Violet Design ‘The Amethyst Standard’
Amp: PGS Fender Super-Sonic V-Custom LTD (clean channel, FAT switch off)
Guitar: 2006 ’62 RI Stratocaster, all stock.
Interface: Mbox Pro 3
Software: Pro Tools 10 LE, Waves CLA and L316 plugs, Final Cut Pro X
Computer: iMac i7

Date: 11th Oct, 2012 Guitar: 2006 '62 RI Stratocaster, all stock. Amp: Fender Super-Sonic V-Custom LTD (Celestion V30). ProGuitarShop exclusive amp.