El Musico Loco: WEE BEAVER


As always, the inimitable Chris Bradford can sum up his own work far better than I:

“The Wee Beaver is a fuzzy little thing. Hidden inside is a highly modified fuzz circuit that is full-on all the time with a Big Muff style tone section. The idea to mash a BMP tone stack into a mini Fuzz brought to my attention a modified fuzz face design developed for Sergio Diaz, the guitar player in the Brazilizn band Os Mutantes by a guy named Claudio Baptista.
So I set about changing the original Mutantes circuit into a one knob fuzz and adding a tone circuit. When I had it on the breadboard my eye fell upon a old potentiometer that I had soldered a funny RC circuit on and popped it in for the fun of it and WOW!
You can power it with -12vDC for an even hairier Beaver.

Here is what Mark Arm from Mudhoney had to say about the Wee Beaver and Honky Dong Booster

“The pedals are cool, thanks tons!
The Wee Beaver sounds best with my set up with the contour just below 9 o’clock.
I’ve never used a volume boost before & I had fun with the Honky Dong at practice last night.”

Date: 1st Oct, 2012 Guitar: 2006 '62 RI Stratocaster, all stock.