Emerson Custom Guitars: EM-DRIVE


A lot of companies claim ‘transparency’ in their overdrives. This basically means that the guitar’s tonal fundamentals remain intact when you hit the pedal, unlike many Tube Screamer variants (for instance) which are actually meant to adulterate your guitar’s tone. Not so the EM-Drive: it just adds some grit and liveliness to the tone.

The EM-Drive can be used as a pretty amazing boost or it will do the gain thing and push your amp into overdrive.

Nice work, Mr Ingram!

The guitars you see here are 1. Redhouse S-Style (which I’d set the action a low on, hence some buzzing – my apologies) and 2. Larry Corsa modded Les Paul Standard Faded (Google LCPG-187).


Date: 10th December, 2012 Guitar: Redhouse S-Style & Larry Corsa modded Les Paul Standard Faded