Free The Tone : SILKY COMP compressor

My current compressor of choice. There’s little else to say except that the proof is in the listening and the experiencing. My experience has been a joy.

From the Free The Tone website:

“By using a proprietary soldering technique to produce the circuit board, the SILKY COMP is able to provide a special natural sound with a smooth and glossy silkiness that will change your concept of compressor pedals up to now. You will be able to achieve smooth, naturally flowing arpeggios or provide a sharp, cutting groove for comping. The ATTACK control will enable you to achieve a wide variety of sounds. You can also use it as a limiter by turning the ATTACK control fully clockwise.

A special true bypass circuit is adopted to switch the effect on and off, so the signal only passes through one set of contacts when bypassed.

Today’s rig:

Guitar : 2012 Redhouse T-Style T5 with Klein 52 Epic pickups
Amp : Laney VH-100R
Cables : Providence
Mic : Violet Design The Amethyst Standard (amp) Samson Airline77 (me)
Camera : Canon 60D (me) and Sony HDR CX150 (pedal)
Soundcard : AVID Mbox Pro 3
Computer : Apple iMac 27” i7 3.4 GHz 16 GB RAM
Software : Pro Tools 10 LE, Waves CLA Guitars (slight comp over input track), Waves L3-16 Limiter (to keep levels in check at output), Apple Final Cut Pro X (video editing and Youtube compression).

Date: 15th July 2013 Guitar: 2012 Redhouse T-Style T5 with Klein 52 Epic pickups Amp: Laney VH-100R