HAO: Sole Pressure


I know what a good 4×10 Bassman sounds like because I’ve used them on stage for years and I own a period-correct clone built by Achillies here in Melbourne. Many pedal companies claim to be able to reproduce the tone and dynamics of these great amps in various of their respective models. Most come close but many over-service with extra gain, clipping and tone features that takes the pedal out of the traditional and into another dimension. Although such features may be construed as useful, I often find them a distraction when all I wanted was a great approximation of the intended amp’s sound.

The HAO Sole Pressure, however, does not do this. In fact, it is the closest emulation I’ve ever heard to a healthy and unadulterated tweed 4×10. It’s astonishingly accurate. So if that’s the sound you’re after, then I would strongly suggest you give the Sole Pressure some serious attention.

From the Godlyke website:

“Like the Rust Driver, the HAO Sole Pressure was designed to recreate the classic sounds of one of the most desirable guitar amps in history — in this case, the legendary ’59 Tweed Bassman 4×10 combo. The HAO Sole Pressure contains carefully selected components that allow the user to dial in the smooth, creamy overdrive of this classic amp, right down to the characteristic low-end sag unique to the combo version. Dual knobs control Output and Drive levels while three switchable EQ curves offer plentiful tonal options without compromising your guitar sound. This dual control configuration also allows to the Sole Pressure to act as a semi-clean booster to coax more character out of your amp. If you’re looking for the classic Fender amp tone that defined a generation, the HAO Sole Pressure will let you achieve it with any guitar and amp in any playing situation, without the hassles of owning vintage gear.”

I agree. Check it out.

Date: 23rd Oct, 2012 Guitar: Smitty Custom Guitars "Bluey" Brett Kingman Signature model Amp: Fender Super-Sonic V-Custom LTD (Celestion V30). ProGuitarShop exclusive amp.