The gorgeous looking and sounding Allan Holdsworth Signature Overdrive and Boost from Chris and the gang at J. Rockett Audio Designs is a low-gain Overdrive designed to push your amp as well as a comprehensive Boost with 6 tonal variations. You can run the Overdrive and Boost independently or use the Boost to push the Overdrive.

This video simply aims to outline the great functionality of this pedal, something I hope it achieves. My playing skills are limited so it would be pointless to try and rattle off a heap of Holdsworth licks (but, boy, I sure love listening to them!)

This is an extremely useful pedal for anyone wishing to place an all-round ‘toneshaper’ on their board. Because the Boost has so many available focus points in terms of tone, it can be used to tame, frighten or burn the front-end of most amps. For that reason alone I think it is a great pedal but then there’s also the fab Overdrive, another great amp pushing facility and also with its own powerful two-band EQ.

Date: 9th Oct, 2012