Laney: LIONHEART L50H & L412 Class A half stack…
In Australia:…

The mighty 50W Class A Laney L50H and matching L412 cabinet. Here they are with a Les Paul. A Strat based demo is on the way.

Some geek info:

Guitar: 2008 Larry Corsa modded Gibson Les Paul Std. Faded. All stock (Gibson) hardware on the guitar has been replaced with period correct replica hardware in an attempt to replicate Peter Green’s old ’59 Burst. It sure as hell works for me! More info at

Mic: Violet Design ‘The Amethyst Standard’ placed 3″ away from centre of bottom right speaker.

Interface: Avid MBox 3 Pro to iMac i7 running Pro Tools 10 LE and Final Cut Pro X.

Date: 1st November, 2012 Guitar: Gibson Les Paul Amp: Laney L50H