Analog, smooth and warm tone, 600ms of delay time, dead simple to use, built industrially tough, made by one of the oldest and most respected Japanese manufacturers – the Maxon AD10 ticks all the right boxes.

The AD10 is part of the recently released Maxon Compact Series which includes the ASC10 Ambient Stereo Chorus, also demoed on this channel. I can’t fault either of them. Fabulous stuff.

From the Maxon website:

Offers distinctive analog delay sound with roundish but forceful tone. Creates natural reverb effect which does not interfere with original sound.

Max. delay time 600mSec. is available in spite of the compact enclosure. Offers rightsetting even in slow ballad.

Low-noise design with no distortion. Creates clear and brilliant delay sound for every note, which is also available when combined with overdrive or distortion pedal.

True analog delay with BBD ICs. Distinctive analog aggressive feedback playing is possible.

LEDs to indicate bypass/effect and battery condition for trouble-free performance.
Two-way power operation, using 9V battery or optional AC adaptor.
Made In Japan

Recording gear:

Guitar : 2011 PRS Studio 10 Top.
Amp: HIWATT SA212 Custom 50 Combo
Cables : Providence
Mic : Shure SM57
Camera : Canon 60D (me) and Sony HDR CX150 (pedal)
Soundcard : AVID Mbox Pro 3
Computer : Apple iMac 27″ i7 3.4 GHz 16 GB RAM
Software : Pro Tools 10 LE, Waves CLA Guitars (slight comp over input track), Waves L3-16 Limiter (to keep levels in check at output), Apple Final Cut Pro X (video editing and Youtube compression).

Date: 1st February, 2013 Guitar: 2011 PRS Studio 10 Top. Amp: HIWATT SA212 Custom 50 Combo