Muffs and Modulators: DG-1, P19, CORNET to VENTILATOR & TIMEFACTOR

5 of my favourite things here. TopTone’s DG-1, Skreddy’s P19, Noel Pedals ‘Cornet’, Neo Instruments Ventilator and Eventide’s classic, the TimeFactor.

All of the muffs are dialled in roughly the same: Volume and Tone at noon, Gain (Sustain) maxed. That’s the way I like to use them. Comprehensive demos on their respective capabilities in the gain and tone department can be found elsewhere on this channel.

Two Laneys – L5T and L50H are being used, straight up clean channels on both, no reverb.

The guitar is my signature model built by Eric Smid at Smitty’s Custom Guitars, Netherlands.

The Ventilator is in Guitar mode. It also has Keyboard mode which ups the tops somewhat around 2K. The mellower Guitar mode suits me better.

The TimeFactor is running V4 of the software. You’ll get a quick listen the Kilminster presets right at the end of the video. I haven’t tried to play the songs (much) that the presets are associated with; rather I’ve just played whatever comes to mind.

This video was done for fun, it was not solicited.

Date: 14th Oct, 2012 Guitar: Smitty Custom Guitars "Bluey" Brett Kingman Signature model