Pedalboard Nov 2012

A quick look at the board I’m touring with at moment. Of course, we’re all prone to change and this one has already had two pedal changes inside a week. This batch of pedals is pretty darned good, though.

The pedals have been chosen for job at hand – lead and rhythm guitar with James Reyne’s band on tour in Australia and New Zealand with the Day On The Green festival. Hence the absence of any fuzz, muff, metal and exotica: I simply don’t need them on this stage.

Many questions have been asked about the CER Drive. It’s almost impossible to find in the form you see here because, basically, this one is a one-off built by Kohei Murakami, an employee of Japanese high-end pedal builder, Shun Nokina (see : ). To my knowledge only a couple were built before Mr Murakami swore allegiance to Shun Nokina and ceased building them. If you’re interested in this drive you should contact Shun Nokina through the link above or their facebook page (see :…) to enquire about a similar pedal in their range.

The board will go to the clean channel of a Laney VR100H (when available) which will drive a quad.

Date: 15th November, 2012 Guitar: Fender Stratocaster Amp: Fender Super-Sonic V-Custom LTD (ProGuitarShop exclusive)