Pickstone : Tru-Pass True Bypass Circuit Board


The Pickstone ThruTone True Bypass Circuit Board can be discretely installed in around 10 minutes. Once it’s in you would never know it’s there except that your old favourite pedal now enjoys true bypass. What’s not to love?

The front section of this video demos the ‘tonesuck’ you get from an array of pedals chained together. At 2:58 you will find an unadulterated demo of the installation process which takes about 10 minutes all up.

“The ‘ThruTone’ is a truly unique system specifically designed to be quickly and easily installed to add true bypass capability to virtually any pedal.

•True bypass capability can be added to virtually any pedal
•Signal is delivered with the shortest possible signal path (More tone)
•No pedal circuitry modifications required
•No external drilling or defacing of pedals
•Specifically designed to retrofit vintage pedals
•Will fit inside even the smallest pedal enclosures.
•Installation is quick and easy and completely reversible
•Does not affect pedal battery life

Date: March 11th, 2013