Solidgoldfx: APOLLO & SUPER DRIVE (walk into a bar)

The 4-stage Apollo phaser offers expression pedal control, multipliable tap-temp switching, a tee-cool randomizer function and great looks and sound. It’s buddy, the Super Drive, is a classic waiting to happen – fierce to friendly gain range, superb tone stack and again great looks and sound.

In this video I bring them together to have some fun with my ESP Stef-T7 and a Laney L50H half-stack. The results are pleasing to my ears but I may have scared the neighbours (again).

Look for future and individual demos of these two pedals with a somewhat tamer and more refined approach soon on this channel.

Guitar: ESP Stef-T7 STD (Japan)
Amp: Laney L50H with L412 cabinet
Mic: Violet Design The Amethyst Standard
Software: Pro Tools 10 LE, Waves CLA and L316, Apple Final Cut Pro X
Hardware: Avid Mbox 3 Pro, Apple iMac i7

Date: 30th Oct, 2012 Guitar: ESP Stef-T7 STD (Japan) Amp: Laney L50H