solidgoldfx : DEVIL DRIVE…

Based on the classic Boss OD-1, the Devil Drive is both a recreation of and improvement on Jeff Waters’ stage weapon of choice. The Devil Drive gives you the classic tones found in the original and also a ‘Modern’ circuit/mode that offers more gain, compression, a tone control and increased volume above and beyond a standard OD1 (Vintage mode).

The Devil Drive is designed to be used in front of an amp that’s already cooking and it serves this purpose for Jeff and others with flying colours. However, I also found that it works equally as well in front of a very clean amp whereby it takes on a more dynamic and perhaps bluesy personality. For this reason I think it has very valid uses in many arenas – classic rock, blues and, of course, metal.

I must apologise for the slightly blurry pedal insert in the video. The camera that I use to shoot the pedals themselves refuses for some reason to shoot the colour red in focus and it’s driving me nuts! I had the same problem with the Rockett Holdsworth pedal and a number of others. I’ll replace it with a 60D as soon as I come by that sort of spare cash…

Guitar : 2008 USA Charvel So-Cal Style 1
Amp: Laney IronHeart Combo
Cables : Providence
Mic : Shure SM57 (amp) Samson Airline77 (me)
Camera : Canon 60D (me) and Sony HDR CX150 (pedal)
Soundcard : AVID Mbox Pro 3
Computer : Apple iMac 27″ i7 3.4 GHz 16 GB RAM
Software : Pro Tools 10 LE, Waves CLA Guitars (slight comp over input track), Waves L3-16 Limiter (to keep levels in check at output), Apple Final Cut Pro X (video editing and Youtube compression)

Date: 11th February, 2013 Guitar: 2008 USA Charvel So-Cal Style 1 Amp: Laney IronHeart Combo