Two great pedals from T-Rex here. The Spindoctor has motorized controls that spin to their preset position, 4 presets, two gain levels (Lead and Normal) and 4-band EQ. It’s easy as pie to navigate and store presets to and it sounds great. The tones it generates range from shimmering to full-throttle, all with a vintage feel. Also, you can use the SpinDoctor2 as an Amp Sim device thanks to its SIM OUT output and cabinet frequency facility. Nice work, T-Rex.

The Duck Tail Dymanic Delay is another pedal from T-Rex that boasts big features in a humble package. Tape, Classic and Ducking types are all here with ample control over the whole picture including general input and output control to facilite instrument or line level use. I found myself getting rather addicted to the stunning Tape mode, something that I believe users would do well to investigate.

Together, the SpinDoctor2 and Duck Tail Delay make a formidable couple.

The guitar I’m using in this video is my Smitty ‘Bluey’, a custom Stratocaster clone built by my Netherlands based friend, Eric Smid. More info on the Bluey can be seen and heard at . Eric has built two guitars for me and there’s a third on the way. He’s a master of his art. See for more info.

The amp I used for this video is an old favourite – a HIWATT UK Custom Shop SA212 50W Combo. There are few amps in this world that rival the cleans of a HIWATT and that’s why they make such great bases for pedals. Just ask Dave Gilmour. More info at

Date: December 29th, 2012 Guitar: Smitty 'Bluey' Amp: HIWATT UK Custom Shop SA212 50W Combo