Fancy a little filth on your bottom end? Then look no further; Tech 21’s Boost Bass Fuzz delivers the dirt to bass players in spades.

Added extras include a 21dB clean boost that can be used with or independent of the fuzz circuit and also a Clean control that lets you blend the clean signal in with the fuzz. Cool.

The bass used in this video is a Chinese P-style that I bought in 2004 for a couple of hundred dollars. The strings have not been changed once as I only play it rarely (and to the horror of ‘real’ bass players..!)

The amp is a Laney L50H Class A head and cabinet. We tried a HIWATT Custom as well but the Laney sounded so good that we went with it in the end.

Special thanks to Shaun Klinger for his assistance in front of and behind the camera.

Date: 10th Sep, 2012 Guitar: 2004 Chinese P-style Bass Amp: Laney L50H head and L412 cabinet