“Whale On” : Axe-FX II Preset 297 with ESP Stef Carpenter T7


The day after my birthday I was feeling a little sore in the head thanks to some enthusiastic partying the night before. Ahem. So I made a few videos as therapy, mostly featuring the more esoteric sounds available in the Axe-FX II’s presets. This one features #297.

The Axe-FX II was run to an MBox 3 Pro via S/PDIF and then to Pro Tools 10 LE. Inside Pro Tools I added Waves CLA Guitars plugin over the input strip for a little compression and Waves L316 Limiter over the master fader to keep levels in check.

The guitar is a 2011 Stef Carpenter T7 Signature by ESP, Japan. Killer axe.

Date: 27th July 2013 Guitar: 2011 Stef Carpenter T7 Signature by ESP