Wilson Effects: UBER FUBAR BLISS


Drawing its foundations from the classic Baldwin Burns Buzz Around fuzz, the Wilson Effects Uber Fubar Bliss is a PNP Germanium based fuzz that uses NOS transistors with some rather unique characteristics.

“The Fubar comes with 4 separate controls: Sustain controls the amount of fuzz; Balance is more of a volume but works in conjunction with the Timbre. Adjusting the Balance will result in a change of volume and boldness in the fuzz. Timbre works with the Balance control to shape the overall tone of the pedals. You will typically find that it is best to adjust these two together.

Uber: This switch allows you to adjust the pedal between 6 different settings. the original setting would be the fourth setting in the clockwise rotation of the knob. Dialling this switch clockwise will fatten up the fuzz and add more sustain. Dialling it counter clockwise will thin out the fuzz and give you some more overdrive-like tones.”

Date: 16th Sep, 2012 Guitar: Smitty Custom Guitars "Coffeecaster" Amp: Laney L50H